Thich Cragmath

Used to be a mercenary. Now I work for the king's son. My sons will never work a day in their lives.


A short, squarish man with a face full of interesting scars. He dresses in simple styles, but with a penchant for luxury fabrics. He is Tristian’s head of household, meaning that he manages the logistics of keeping a prince alive and safe, educating him, and sometimes moving him around.


A man with a checkered past, Thich has been all over the world, and seen quite a bit. He’ll tell you of some of it. It is rumored that he spent some time among the Orcs. He has become a kind of father figure to Tristian, whom he has taught some small percentage of what he knows.

Thich has two sons, both of whom he hopes to promote within the royal court. One is thirty and from his first marriage; the other is fifteen. Neither of them is particularly talented or studious, although they are deeply loyal to (and somewhat afraid of) their father.

Thich Cragmath

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