Klegriod Quelglog Chell Goilrdinbu

A Goblin God Botherer on a mission to impress everyone he meets.


The size and shape of a small dwarf, blue skin covered in brown hair. Stands out as a very odd looking Goblin and exists in a too human but not human uncanny valley for some. Always ready to smile about silly little things, smiles with his lips closed.

Name In Old Speak translates to: Son of BroodMother Kleg (first name), vessel of the holy and divine Death (Honor title), Hearth child (diplomatic title), the last name is a secret goblin female title given to goblin males, it translates to a quick but in depth description of the male in order to let females understand who they’re dealing with. Kleg was told his means “honorable”.

Got a siege weapon license from the OBI for Sam. Owns a Gonne named Pho (after his great grand mother). Crafted with Moon Magic by Kleg sr. in order for him to end fights before they begin. Currently a professional seldom paid Wylde’s Hunter for the Department of Wyldes Management. Devotee of both Sundra-Chorum and Kokugis. Has the symbol of Karbon branded onto the back of his left hand. He is a child of Gold as his birthday is May 5th 06ADA. Wears a Sand Armor smock when not wearing his city clothes.


From the desk of Constance Fritershien Director of Inhuman Affairs, Office of Beastmen Immigration:
Confidential Memo: Goblin Hunter

We have quite the lively one today Master Kickkgutt. A MALE Goblin, not as scrawny as the ones fom before but he’s certainly a male. This “Mr. Klegriod” tells me he’s an independent male and doesn’t have a Master. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Anyway he said he wants to hunt beast for the Theocracy and I was going to turn him away until he told me he had a pet Mountain Troll lurking in the woods. I sent a student to go confirm and the little bugger was telling the truth. Can you use him Master Kickkgutt? I suppose if the Troll doesn’t eat the smelly little thing we can send the monsters to hunt the monsters. He is staying in the Kokugis Work for Board House near The Docks, you can send him away or give him a job far away from the city. We issued him temporary papers but they will only last to the end of the week.

From the desk of Brudo Kickkgutt ( Dwarf) Wyldes Reservationist Lead, Department of Wyldes Management:
Confidential Memo: Re: Goblin Hunter

Dear Madame Fritershien, D.I.A., O.B.I.
It is as always a pleasure to hear from you personally. I am aware of the Troll in the woods, my men were watching Mr. Klegriod and his mount ever since they passed Angot. I believe both will be an asset to The Academy. I will send people to collect him and work out the terms of his employ. As a scholarly aside I think you’ll find Goblin males have Mothers not masters.

From the desk of Constance Fritershien D.I.A, O.B.I.:
Confidential Memo: Re: Re: Goblin Hunter

Why, Master Kickkgutt, is this Goblin and it’s monstrous thing still within city limits? I thought I made it clear I wanted that creature not to be the OBI’s problem. The temporary papers expired yesterday and if you don’t have a job for the little parasite then kindly have your men escort it out of Theocracy lands and back where ever it came from.

From the desk of Brudo Kickkgutt, W.R.L, D.W.M:
Confidential Memo: Re: Re: Re: Goblin Hunter

Dear Madame Fritershien, D.I.A., O.B.I.
It is as always a pleasure to hear from you personally. You misunderstand Madame Director, we gave Mr. Klegriod the task of killing the Horned Badger brood that took refuge in the nearby woods and he returned with 10 badger horns slung over his beast’s back. Only one of the horns were from a fully matured Horned Badger but the problem is, Madame Director, he came back the same day. The woods are almost exactly a half a days journey away. The night boys were cranky so they “forgot” to pay him and sent him to go after the Zangaroo gang that is terrorizing the fields to the north. When I got in the next morning Mr. Klegroid was at Department headquarters looking for the next job. That was day before yesterday and we ran out of jobs near Hagrihold this morning. I have six trackers out there trying to drum up some work nearby because I decided we should keep a valuable asset like this close. Especially since he still hasn’t asked for payment.

From the desk of Constance Fritershien D.I.A, O.B.I.:
Confidential Memo: Re: Re: Re: Re: Goblin Hunter

This is unacceptable Master Kickkgutt. I will not have a simple goblin outshine our boys down at the D.W.M. We must do something about this. I suggest that you assign our new employee to the forward party of the Wyldes hunt. I will let the Marshal know the significance of the situation and I’m sure she will see reason.


From the desk of Bravas Walpool, Duchess of Daford
Confidential Memo: Klegriod Quelglog Chell Goilrdinbu

On the order of King Robern Sirion I demand you pay that Mr. Klegroid his back pay and double for the Chimera. If it wasn’t for him and his Troll the Wyldes hunt would have been a complete disaster and I would have been dead. If my leg was not currently broken I’d come down to the Academy myself and throw you out a window, but instead I give you a warning: Keep your racist ideologies at home Madame Fritershien we all know about your son.

Klegriod Quelglog Chell Goilrdinbu

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