Her Majesty Oleandra Alexaa, Duchess of Sentinel's Watch

14-year-old royal prodigy, Tristian's sister


Oleandra is everything that Tristian is not. She has a naturally commanding presence, gets along well with her fellows, succeeds at her studies without trying particularly hard, and is cheered by the people when her carriage passes on the streets. She is an adept pupil the natural magic of the element of air, generally considered a ladylike pursuit, and uses it in her other hobbies, which include sailing, kitemaking, and listening in on other people’s conversations. She has a natural gift for delegation and intrigue; she keeps a staff of girls about her age, as well as a few women in their mid-twenties, as a retinue, and uses them to spy on the comings and goings of various courtiers. She is fun, but Tristian at least suspects that she is not as easygoing as she appears

Physically she looks almost just like the queen and has impeccable grooming, unlike Tristian, whose features are unremarkable, and who always looks a bit like someone just rolled him around in a rug. She has light hair that she lightens further, which has set a fashion in town.


Oleandra was born at the very end of the Decade of Death as well as near the end of her mother’s fertility. Consequently, she is the queen’s personal pride and joy. The queen has groomed Oleandra from infancy to prepare her for the possibility of ruling.

At the age of six, Oleandra was made Duchess of Sentinel’s Port, disappointing her uncle, who rules in her absence as regent.

At the age of twelve, Oleandra was given a bonsai hydra as a present from the King of Coins. He openly speculates about arranging a marriage between her and one of his sons, although this is regarded as highly unlikely.

Her Majesty Oleandra Alexaa, Duchess of Sentinel's Watch

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