A friendly giant, not too concerned with goings on.


STR 18
DEX 08
CON 16
INT 04
WIS 06
CHA 08

Has learned to smile and clap but essentially just complains to himself in his low pitch rumble of a language. He never asks questions beyond “FOOD?” but clearly has his own opinions of what he should or should not be doing. He can’t articulate perfectly but an unhappy Mountain Troll is hard to miss.


A simple Mountain Troll essentially a pack animal that knows he’s a pack animal. Don’t mess with him and he won’t mess with you.

When Kleg was 8 years old he was told by his Broodmother Kleg there was a gift left for him in a clearing near his Nesthome. This was some time before Kleg had earned his hearth name. This became the first of many tests he would have to over come before he was given access to the Hob.

As with many goblin female tests no instruction was given at all. Kleg saw a young (16 yo) mountain troll singing to itself in the clearing. At the time neither understood the language of the other so their friendship was slow but inevitable. When Kleg came back to his Nesthome he rode his new friend singing ancient Mountain Troll songs.


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